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of the law. hello, mr. planetarium operator. what brings you out here? these boys seem to think you're some kind of sick weirdo that's got a master plan to screw with the minds of everyone in town. [ chuckles ] oh, really? yeah, i just thought i'd come show them around so they'd know there's nothing to be scared of. actually, this is a pretty inopportune time. okay. i'll be quick, then. of course, officer. come on in. [ robotically ] hello, children. oh, no! they got chef, too! welcome to the planetarium. well, it's nice to see you finally got a real job, chef. i love my work. i know what you mean. i've always loved the planetarium, too. would you like to see the stars, officer? no! no! that would be superduper! don't do it, officer barbrady! hello? hi, grandma. it's me -- eric. oh, hello, eric. grandma sure has missed you. i wanted to remind you that i'm gonna be on television tonight, so be sure to watch. oh, i will, eric. you know, i remember when i was a little girl and had my first talent-show audition -- okay. bye. [ telephone beeping ] mr. marsh: hello. the marshes aren't in now. ple
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1